Duck race 2023
Cortlandt Manors Rotary annual duck race
The town of Cortlandt Manor was bustling with excitement as the annual charity duck race was about to begin. The event was organized to raise funds for various projects, and everyone was eager to participate. The race was to be held at Sprout Brook Park, where the beautiful brook flowed from Cortlandt Lake to Annsville Creek. The park had seen years of family fun and the community's growth. However, the park had suffered damage from a heavy storm, and the brook's waters were flowing dangerously fast and we could not risk anyone going into the brook. 

Despite the odds, the club would not cancel the race. The community support is crucial to the success of this charity event.  So, event organizer, Sharon Irving came up with a plan. Instead of releasing the ducks into the brook, the tickets with the duck's numbers were put into a box, and children under the age of twelve, pulled the tickets while the crowd looked on and cheered, and the prizes were awarded accordingly.

The event was a tremendous success, and the community united to support a worthy cause. The Cortlandt Manor Rotary received much-needed funds to help maintain current and future projects. The projects included a healing garden at the veteran's campus, a WWII memorial across from the Cortlandt Colonial Catering Hall, an Oscars Award Lunch for senior citizens at Muriel H. Morabito Community Center, Scholarships, and other national and international projects.  In addition,  CMR organizes clothing drives and food collection. The club meets twice monthly at the Cortlandt Colonial restaurant and welcomes qualified members to help with their initiatives.